eXplosive Agents

Work Anywhere

With a focus on innovation, eXp Realty is changing the way that agents, brokers and consumers work together. eXp Realty’s virtual office environment compared to the traditional real estate office allows agents to collaborate and learn together — no matter where they might be located.

International Collaboration
Defy distance. Interact and learn from industry experts, other top professionals and eXp Realty management. eXp Realty agents build teams, share best practices and enjoy a powerful referral network. Jump into a meeting, training or coaching with eXp Realty agents everywhere!


Our family of agents builds their own businesses while having the opportunity to also establish a direct ownership interest in eXp World Holdings, eXp Realty’s holding company, as a shareholder and partner.

A Culture of Ownership
eXp Realty prides itself on being the only agent-owned and agent-led brokerage. Our core values drive this unique culture where transparency and integrity are just as important as collaboration and fun. Our Agent Advisory Council also ensures that the voice of the agent is heard at the highest levels of the company. This benefits our agent-owner shareholders while providing new ways for our senior leadership to obtain additional insight as our company grows.

Bringing Innovation to You

Known throughout the industry as one of the most innovative brokerages, eXp Realty agents have access to some of the most powerful technologies in real estate — at no additional cost. This includes top-tier, lead-generation software, transaction technology, content marketing tools, and optional advertising support.

Online Training and Support
Never stop learning with more than 15 hours of live training each week on eXp Realty tools and business best practices. In eXp World, agents also gain instant, live support from eXp Realty’s agent services, technology and finance experts … all from wherever an agent or team is located.

Revolutionizing the Real Estate Model

eXp Realty’s revolutionary virtual-office business model does away with the added costs of a traditional brick-and-mortar brokerage. This means no desk fees, no franchise fees and no royalty fees. Keep 80-100% of your commissions, and enjoy a low company cap.

More Ways to Earn
eXp Realty agents also have the opportunity to take part in a variety of performance and growth incentives, including a company revenue-share program, multiple stock rewards and a lucrative ICON Agent program for agents with leading production achievements.

Building a Powerful Organization to Serve Powerful Agents

eXp Realty is now in all 50 states and Canadian and has grown to over 20,000 agents!

If you have been thinking about your real estate career options, there has never been a better time to set yourself (and your family) up – for the opportunity of a lifetime!

** If you’d prefer to attend a live online session through eXp World: The presentation is conducted on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1 pm – 2 pm EST.  Ask your introducing agent about how they can join you on eXp World!